Cardio Kickboxing Workout

Hello you gorgeous gazelles! We’re kicking ass and taking names as part of today’s 6-week shred workout. Cardio kickboxing is a great way to unwind after a stressful day at work or if you just need to blow off some steam.

The continuous cycle of tear, rest, repair and repeat is exactly what our muscle fibers need to stimulate lean muscle growth, so if you are one of those people who has a set routine and like to stick with it, you may actually be setting yourself up for failure. It’s important to switch up your workout routine to constantly challenge your muscles and keep your body guessing. Whether you change up your workout style daily, weekly or monthly, it’s an essential process to overcoming plateaus.

If you go to a gym that includes free fitness classes in your membership, that’s great! Fortunately, even if your gym does not offer free classes like kickboxing, there are now hundreds, if not thousands, of cardio kickboxing routines posted online that you can do almost anywhere (except for the local antique store).

Although I went with a class offered at my local gym, here is a sample routine that you can do at home (or in the park) put together by fitness guru, Millionaire Hoy. I was biased toward this particular routine because it features the beautiful backdrop of my current hometown, Chicago! Chi-town represent! Showing some hometown love.

Do you have a favorite group exercise class? Share it in the comments! I’ve tried zumba before, but my embarrassing lack of coordination caused me to flunk out 😦 I STILL DANCE ANYWAY.


Blast Abs Fast – 14 Minute Ab Circuit

After a nice rest day, hopefully you’re feeling refreshed and ready to rock out another core workout! I was actually pretty exhausted, as I geared up for this workout on a Sunday Funday. I may have been a tiny bit fatigued from some late night festivities on Saturday. Oops.

However, my throbbing headache subsided long enough to bust out this brief workout by Zuzka Light, even when an elderly man in jeans decided to stretch out less than a foot away from me and my circuit setup.

Have you ever had to deal with inconsiderate gym members? How did you handle the situation?

Yoga To Slow Your Roll

Alright 6-week shredders, if you pushed yourself to the max with the first two workouts, you should be in a bit of pain. It’s time to re-center with a yoga workout!

namaste yoga meme

Personally, I’ve tried yoga a couple times and it’s just not my jam. A bunch of hoopla about getting hippie-dipper with the earth mother, right? Wrong! Recently I read this article by Eric Stevens and realized he has an awesome point. I don’t like yoga because it brings out an underdeveloped side of me and I’m naive to dismiss it. I have terrible focus, and flit from one thing to the next with the attention span as long as the flap of a hummingbird’s tiny yet majestic wing. 


 Yoga forces you to be in the present and be aware of your body, your breathing and your thoughts. If you are an advanced yogi you may be reading this and thinking “no $h1t, Sherlock” but I rarely paid attention long enough in a yoga class to come to this conclusion myself until I heard it from someone who was a little more like-minded. Ah, my stubbornness is surely my weakness.

If you’re a beginner like me and are intimidated at the thought of being mocked by “non-judgmental” yogi’s, this video is a great way to get started at home.

If you are still ready to shred after the first two days and want something that will make you sweat, try a hot yoga class. Although hot yoga feels more intense, you probably aren’t burning as many calories as you think are melting right off you in that crazy warm room with a bunch of sweaty strangers while you strike compromising poses. Not to knock the style, but it’s important to be mindful of potential ploys from people who claim to be fitness experts. (But don’t take it from me. I’m not the expert!)

Post Halloween Costume Smackdown

Did you guys have a good Halloween?

What was the best costume you saw? I know the fun times for dressing up like someone or something you will never actually get to be in real life has come and passed, but here’s some fitness-related costumes to get jacked about for next year.

0489701DFA50865EAC296779651FA4A9_486w Richard Simmons- reach for those toes!

Pic source


Arnold Schwarzenegger (muscles not included) said in thick Austrian accent.

Pic source


 Jane Fonda (rock that camel toe!)

Pic source


Dana Linn Bailey (draw a six pack on your stomach using sharpie, make this face and flex a lot)

Pic source

Unknown-2Gym rat- wear a mouse mask and mouse ears while carrying around 5 lb dumbbells all night

Pic source


Gym bro- wear a tiny tank that shoes off your muscles and tell everyone you’re getting protein shake wasted and asking “Do you even lift, bro?”

Pic source

Do you have any other gym related costume ideas?

High Fibe(r) Friday

Sup my fit friends? Let’s talk about this: Eating Clean vs. IIFYM (If it fits your macros)

I was watching this video by BioLayne

Personally, I choose to eat clean more often over the IIFYM lifestyle while allowing myself cheat meals occasionally throughout the week because that allows me to minimize my cravings without setting myself up for failure. One thing Layne noticeably emphasizes throughout his video is the importance of fiber, which I believe is highly overlooked while dieting.

I would agree that I tend to focus so much on calories and carbs that I let the importance of other vital nutrients like fiber and healthy fats fall to the wayside. Sometimes people confuse the low carb diet which allows them to eat a higher amount of fats (like avocado, fish and peanut butter) as an excuse to eat bad fats (like the fat found in ice cream, cookies, doughnuts), which is the opposite of what we should be paying attention to!

So here’s a helpful list of 16 high-fiber foods from Huffington Post Healthy Living! Do you consume any of these high-fiber foods daily?

P.S. for my fellow pumpkin lovers-Pumpkin seeds are supposed to be pretty high in fiber according to Health-aliscious-ness and you can cross-check your fibrous foods with this list compiled by

Eat Clean, Train Dirty!

Legs and Eggs – Egg Bake Recipe

I workout So after this leg day workout that included, static squats, one legged lunges, calf raises, leg curls, leg extensions, human can crusher presses and more leg curls, oh yeah and this cardio>>>

Anyways, after I demolished that leg workout, *insert sassy booty pic here* I went home to eat a post workout meal that matched my super squatastic appetite. Seriously though, do what these pictures say and you will taste the greatest egg based creation known to humankind.

  1. Heat oven to 350 degrees F. The F stands for fabulously hot food and bodies, or Fahrenheit if you are a scientist.20130917-212921.jpg2. Spray a little 8X8 pan or whatever you have with cooking spray, or oil or butter or some sort of greasy material. 20130917-212942.jpg3. Find all the ingredients you are craving, or if you want it to actually taste good, lots of tasty veggies, 7 eggs, some kind of meat like turkey sausage, turkey bacon, turkey ham, that kind of thing, also some cheese if it fits into your dietary plan. AND BREAD> I only needed to use one piece of whole wheat bread because you rip that sh** right up.20130917-212958.jpg20130917-213009.jpg4. Take your 1-2 pieces of bread and rip it into lots of little pieces that cover the bottom of your pan, mostly. Good enough.20130917-213019.jpg5. Cook up your meats.20130917-213030.jpg6. Cut up all your veggies and mix them in a medium large sized bowl. No mixer required, hands work well 🙂20130917-213043.jpg7. Add in your eggs! I used 6 whole eggs and one additional egg white with about a tbsp of milk to make it light and fluffy. Again if you want to use mostly egg whites, don’t be afraid to make your own modifications based on your needs.20130917-213050.jpg8. Stir it up, with a fork or a spoon this time, unless you like the icky sticky egg hands. 20130917-213058.jpg9. Pour egg and veggie mixture on top of your bread shreds. Then add cooked meats on top as well as salt and pepper. Stir it up and top with some cheese (if you like the cheeses) you can leave cheese out and it won’t ruin the recipe! Unless you are from wisconsin in which case it ruins your wisconsin reputation. JK! Carry on.20130917-213115.jpg10. Cover with tinfoil and put it in the oven for 30 minutes. I used a pot cover, since we didn’t have tinfoil and it still turned out EGG-selently. Take the cover off after 30 minutes and sprinkle some fresh cheese over the top then give it 5-10 more minutes to cook those huevos all the way through.

20130917-213141.jpgClearly I was too hungry to take an after picture, but it made four servings approximately and it was thoroughly delicious and easy enough for even me with my baking inability not to ruin.

What’s your favorite post workout snack?

The Zero to Hero Fitness Guide

Tired of that not-so-sweet muffin top, jiggly jello arms, and saggy bottom swag? You’ve already determined that you want to get fit but the journey is a jungle. With information being thrown at you left and right saying the latest studies recommend eating three gummy bears and drinking lemon, cayenne pepper, tomato juice three times a day just to lose five pounds in a week. It’s enough to make our heads spin and leave us feeling confused, frustrated and ready to give up (as well as turn to our best friends Ben and Jerry for some comfort).

WAIT! Before you dip that spoon into a mooshy mess of creamy cold sugary regret, let me make it simple for you. This is your GET FIT SURVIVAL GUIDE for both beginners and those of you who are looking to level up. Consider this your starting line on the long marathon of a journey to health and happiness. Game on!

1) Set achievable goals with deadlines and share them with others, either friends or online fitness communities such as

Image lets you create a personal profile to set goals and record your current stats as well as connect with other members with weight-loss and muscle building goals. It’s like Facebook for fitties! also has all the tools you need to find a free fitness plan (designed by professional trainers and fitness models) that suites your personal needs and desired goals.

2) Track your intake and progress

You’d be surprised to find that a grande white chocolate mocha has as many calories as most desserts! In fact a grande white chocolate mocha has almost double the calories of a single slice of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting! Pardon the pun, but that’s a whole latte sugar and calories! Don’t fret yet because with tools like My Fitness Pal and (both available as apps) you can calculate just how many mochas fit into your diet.



(photo credit: and weight-loss blogger, Jenny)

Image has the nutritional information for nearly every food under the sun, fast food included! If it’s not on the site you can add the nutrition information yourself and get it checked by other users.

3) Get educated and motivated!

You start out with a fiery desire to burn up some extra calories and chisel some lick-able washboard abs but it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and impatient when the results aren’t immediately apparent. Knowledge is power, and in this case it’s absolutely necessary to your fitness success. Workouts, advice and interviews with fitness pros are excellent information as well as inspiration! Check out Image

or Image when you’re feeling discouraged and you’re sure to remember why you started this fitness journey in the first place. No one said it would be easy, but it will be worth it! What motivates you?

(NOTE: all logos belong to the websites they link to. I do not own any of the logos used to reference websites)