Fab Abs and Legs Circuit

La, I’m falling behind on posting my workouts as part of the 6-week shred! Today I plan to play catch-up so here’s the most recent one I did just yesterday while the creepy old guy sat and stared the ENTIRE time while questionably stretching with a flex band. Clearly this workout brings all the boys to the yard, if the boys are 65+ year-old men.

Start with a steady-state 5 minute warm-up on the treadmill, elliptical, stairmaster or your machine of choice. Then get ready to engage your core and bust your little bubble butt into shape.

You’ll need a kettle-bell, two elevated steps, or boxes, or benches of the same height, and a stability ball.

Fab-Ab and Booty Circuit

  • Start off with deep squats with the kettle-bell. Standing on the elevated boxes, squat while lowering the kettle-bell and your butt to knee-level/ a seated position. – 15 reps
  • Move to the stability ball and perform 12 walk-out push-ups on the ball, meaning you start with the ball below your belly and crawl forward until only your toes are on the ball, holding your core tight. You should basically be holding a plank position with your toes on the ball. Do 1 push-up and walk yourself back until your belly is on the ball. Try not to use your feet to propel you forward into the walk-out after each rep. Repeat 12 times
  • No rests in-between, hop on over to the kettle-bell and perform 15 kettle-bell swing squats!

Rest for 60 seconds and repeat the circuit 3 more times for a total of 4 sets or up to 6 times if you’re feeling up to the challenge. The focus for all of these moves is to hold your core and ab muscles tightly.

Do I have abs yet?Don’t forget to checkout the gym rat workouts page for more workout and exercise ideas or to get started on the 6-week shred!


Get a Booty-licious Behind that Beyonce Would Envy – Butt Building Circuit Workout

You know those Maybelline commercials that go “Maybe she was born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.” Well some lucky folks are born with a beautiful behind and some just didn’t hit the genetic jack pot when it comes to junk in the trunk. I’d be lying if I told you this is the butt that squats built, because I was bestowed the nickname Miss New Booty my sophomore year of high school (Thanks Jamal). All buns aside, this workout is rewarding as well as a real kick in the pants.

Will this workout bring all the boys to the yard? Maybe.

Will it put a bounce in you butt and define your derrière? Definitely.

If you have any awesome circuit workouts that you swear by, send them my way! I’m on a circuit bender right now. I would really love to hear from you guys, what workouts do you like to do to switch things up when you’re bored with your current routine?

If you like leg circuits as much as I do, you can find another butt-busting leg workout on my blog!

Legs and Eggs – Egg Bake Recipe

I workout So after this leg day workout that included, static squats, one legged lunges, calf raises, leg curls, leg extensions, human can crusher presses and more leg curls, oh yeah and this cardio>>>https://vine.co/v/hvabHT7ATvt

Anyways, after I demolished that leg workout, *insert sassy booty pic here* I went home to eat a post workout meal that matched my super squatastic appetite. Seriously though, do what these pictures say and you will taste the greatest egg based creation known to humankind.

  1. Heat oven to 350 degrees F. The F stands for fabulously hot food and bodies, or Fahrenheit if you are a scientist.20130917-212921.jpg2. Spray a little 8X8 pan or whatever you have with cooking spray, or oil or butter or some sort of greasy material. 20130917-212942.jpg3. Find all the ingredients you are craving, or if you want it to actually taste good, lots of tasty veggies, 7 eggs, some kind of meat like turkey sausage, turkey bacon, turkey ham, that kind of thing, also some cheese if it fits into your dietary plan. AND BREAD> I only needed to use one piece of whole wheat bread because you rip that sh** right up.20130917-212958.jpg20130917-213009.jpg4. Take your 1-2 pieces of bread and rip it into lots of little pieces that cover the bottom of your pan, mostly. Good enough.20130917-213019.jpg5. Cook up your meats.20130917-213030.jpg6. Cut up all your veggies and mix them in a medium large sized bowl. No mixer required, hands work well 🙂20130917-213043.jpg7. Add in your eggs! I used 6 whole eggs and one additional egg white with about a tbsp of milk to make it light and fluffy. Again if you want to use mostly egg whites, don’t be afraid to make your own modifications based on your needs.20130917-213050.jpg8. Stir it up, with a fork or a spoon this time, unless you like the icky sticky egg hands. 20130917-213058.jpg9. Pour egg and veggie mixture on top of your bread shreds. Then add cooked meats on top as well as salt and pepper. Stir it up and top with some cheese (if you like the cheeses) you can leave cheese out and it won’t ruin the recipe! Unless you are from wisconsin in which case it ruins your wisconsin reputation. JK! Carry on.20130917-213115.jpg10. Cover with tinfoil and put it in the oven for 30 minutes. I used a pot cover, since we didn’t have tinfoil and it still turned out EGG-selently. Take the cover off after 30 minutes and sprinkle some fresh cheese over the top then give it 5-10 more minutes to cook those huevos all the way through.

20130917-213141.jpgClearly I was too hungry to take an after picture, but it made four servings approximately and it was thoroughly delicious and easy enough for even me with my baking inability not to ruin.

What’s your favorite post workout snack?