Cardio Kickboxing Workout

Hello you gorgeous gazelles! We’re kicking ass and taking names as part of today’s 6-week shred workout. Cardio kickboxing is a great way to unwind after a stressful day at work or if you just need to blow off some steam.

The continuous cycle of tear, rest, repair and repeat is exactly what our muscle fibers need to stimulate lean muscle growth, so if you are one of those people who has a set routine and like to stick with it, you may actually be setting yourself up for failure. It’s important to switch up your workout routine to constantly challenge your muscles and keep your body guessing. Whether you change up your workout style daily, weekly or monthly, it’s an essential process to overcoming plateaus.

If you go to a gym that includes free fitness classes in your membership, that’s great! Fortunately, even if your gym does not offer free classes like kickboxing, there are now hundreds, if not thousands, of cardio kickboxing routines posted online that you can do almost anywhere (except for the local antique store).

Although I went with a class offered at my local gym, here is a sample routine that you can do at home (or in the park) put together by fitness guru, Millionaire Hoy. I was biased toward this particular routine because it features the beautiful backdrop of my current hometown, Chicago! Chi-town represent! Showing some hometown love.

Do you have a favorite group exercise class? Share it in the comments! I’ve tried zumba before, but my embarrassing lack of coordination caused me to flunk out 😦 I STILL DANCE ANYWAY.


Quick Treadmill Cardio Circuit + Sexy Shoulders & Arms

Hello honey badgers! By now you’ve completed a full week of the 6-week shred, or maybe you haven’t. But nonetheless…it continues!

Honestly, I’ve been sleeping better because I typically complete my workouts late at night. Left entirely drained, I barely have the energy to shower. Literally, I just lie down in the tub and let the shower water rinse me off and then towel roll from the bathroom to my bed. That gives me a great idea for those trending nighttime routine videos

I did this circuit on a Monday, so obviously I wasn’t in the mood for any of that twirl your leg over your head and hop up and down frivolous circuit bull$#1t. I got on the treadmill and set the speed intervals to a jog speed and a sprint speed and we’re off! I slogged through 35 seconds at a speed of 5.6 (mph?) then punched the sprint speed, 10.2 (mph) for a side-stabbing 20 seconds that left me wheezing.

Note the jog and sprint speeds vary depending on your personal preference but the sprint should be your max, a full out sprint at a challenging speed that leaves you winded. The jog should be a brief recovery. You can even walk if you aren’t ready for a light yog!
Anywho, I continued this tortuous routine for a full 12 terrible reps, approximately 15 minutes because I don’t count the ramping up seconds or the slowing down seconds as part of my sprint or jog. This about sums up how I really feel about cardio:

no cardio fat amy

But once the soul-stripping circuit was over with, I moved on to hammer out an awesome arm and shoulder workout. These pipes are about to burst with amazing muscle tone. Sexy shoulders are seriously under-appreciated until you see some of that deltoid definition peeking out at you from under your own cut off sleeve.

Superset 1

Overhead DB Press 10 reps

DB Hammer Curls 10 reps

DB Bicep Curls 10 reps

Repeat 3X

Superset 2

Triplate Raises – (Front, Lateral and Bent-Over Lateral)

Front Raises – Grag 5 lb dumbbells or plates and raise them straight armed out in front of you to shoulder level – 15 reps

Lateral Raises – Repeat the previous move with your arms straight out to the sides, perpindicular to your body – 15 reps

Bent-Over Lateral Raises – Bend your knees about 45 degrees and lean forward while keeping your back straight, raise the weight out to the sides focusing on bringing your shoulder blades together (not actually, but as if that were your intention). Hold at the top for 1 second – 15 reps

Repeat 3X

Stretch it out! You’re done for the day. Go lay in the tub while the shower head sprinkles you off.

Sweat It Out – Fat-Blasting Cardio Sesh for a Bikini Body

Ready to break a sweat with the very first workout of the day? Let’s start the 6-week shred right!

Thanks to Zuzka, you can blast fat while learning a wicked cool Czechoslovakian accent. If you didn’t feel like working out before, you will after you watch Zuzka busting her toned tush. Don’t have a gym membership? That’s not an excuse when you workout with Zuzka! Her workouts are designed with constricted space and limited time in mind so they can be performed at home with minimal equipment.

I warmed up with 3 minutes of jumping rope before jumping into Zuzka’s fat-blasting .

Seeing as I usually spend over an hour in the gym, I decided to pair this fat-blasting cardio workout with a few additional arm exercises as listed below:

-Tricep dips

-Dumbbell curls

-Hammer curls

-Tricep pushdowns

And a brief cool down on the treadmill.

Interview with Personal Trainer and Bodybuilder, Erick Brockman Hulk Status

Check out my latest Gym Rat Diaries post! A sassy, shredded interview with fellow workout-a-holic Erick Brockman.  We’ll touch on basic diet and nutrition info as well as how to overcome those dreadful plateaus (when your nutrition and workout remain consistent but you aren’t getting desired results).

Erick has competed in two body building competitions and is a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. He is  committed to helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle. He also coached me through my first bikini body building competition!

Cookie Monster

Despite the video teaser, I couldn’t leave you guys hanging, so here’s Erick demonstrating his hulk status in the pictures below. My question of the day for YOU is: Have you ever done a fitness competition or would you ever consider doing one?


Physique Photos

The FIT list

Welcome fitness fanatics, workout wanna-be’s and health-a-holics to my gym rat diaries! Every diary deserves a proper intro, so here’s the breakdown on this fresh, fit and fabulous blog and how we’re going to bring sexy back.

Who’s that girl?Image

(Princess) Jasmine! That’s me; cardio queen and weight-lifting machine. Loving daughter, caring sister, bodybuilding competitor and all-around (not so) average college girl.

What’s it all about?

It’s a health and fitness blog to inspire you to be whatever you want to be! First and foremost, I want to help my readers feel comfortable in their own skin. Exercise and eating clean keeps me feeling my best and is essential for a sound and sassy mind, body and soul.

Where’s the party?

Located in the tiny town of Oshkosh, WI, I practically live at the UWO Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

When is it going down?

Although I go to the gym on a daily basis, we’re going to start things off slow with weekly postings. Rule #7 You can’t rush fitness. (Rule #1 is NO CHEATING on your diet or standing up gym dates, because this is a relationship with yourself and your health. I know you were curious.)

Why is this happening to me?

I know how humiliating it can be to put on your pants and have to tug them up over your thighs or to refuse to wear certain clothes because you’re hyper-aware of how the fabric hugs each and every curve, and paranoid about who else may be noticing. No one should feel ashamed of their physical condition or be struggling to embrace their bodacious bodies. I want to help people feel confident, healthy and proud of their figures because they only have the one they’ve been given and it’s a shame not to see what these bodies are capable of.

How does she do it?

This blog is for everyone with any level of interest or fitness experience! I’ll approach  some of the simple beginner info for those of you just starting out as well as those of you who may be ready to take things to the next level and compete in a fitness competition. I’ll address any questions or concerns you may have about lifting or proper nutrition and share some crafty recipes and quirky workouts along the way.

There will be cheesy gym jokes, some soreness, success stories and struggles, and lots of bananas because…

this FIT is BANANAS! B-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-S


It’s Bananamalism! Are you ready to commit to fit?