Blast Abs Fast – 14 Minute Ab Circuit

After a nice rest day, hopefully you’re feeling refreshed and ready to rock out another core workout! I was actually pretty exhausted, as I geared up for this workout on a Sunday Funday. I may have been a tiny bit fatigued from some late night festivities on Saturday. Oops.

However, my throbbing headache subsided long enough to bust out this brief workout by Zuzka Light, even when an elderly man in jeans decided to stretch out less than a foot away from me and my circuit setup.

Have you ever had to deal with inconsiderate gym members? How did you handle the situation?


Abs & Glutes – All About that Bass Circuit

Day 5 in the 6-week shred is all about strengthening the glutes and core. I did this workout on a Friday night and was pretty eager to get my weekend started so I cranked out this core and bun tightening session in less than 30 minutes. You’ll be feeling it in your abs for the next few days, including every time you laugh, cough or sneeze.

on fridays we flex

Here we go!

Start off with a 3 minute warm-up steady state cardio of your choice . I chose to jump rope.

You’re going to need a few equipment pieces for this circuit including a kettle bell, a bosu ball trainer, and an ab wheel.

Perform the following exercise with no rest in-between:

Jump rope 1 minute

Spider push-ups on bosu trainer -10 reps each side 

Mountain climbers balancing on bosu 30-60 seconds (however long you can maintain proper form)

Walking lunges passing kettle bell in between your legs each step – 15 lunges each leg

Kettle bell squat swings 12-15 reps

Ab wheel roll-outs 10-15 reps

Rest 1 minute

Repeat cycle 4-6 times depending on fitness level.

Once you’ve finished the final set and stretched out, you can go home and rest or turn-up if it’s the weekend! Go get protein shake wasted. You earned it!

tired puppy

Blast Back Fat – Circuit Workout

Day 4 of the 6-week shred. Every muscle aches, but it hurts so good. Back to the grind with this back circuit workout. Today, we’re bringing sexy backs back. I’ll be honest, even my brain muscles are feeling a bit burnt out so I’ll skip the fluff and get straight to the good stuff.

This is a superset circuit, meaning you perform the designated exercises back to back with no rest and then take a break before repeating the exercise cycle several times. Here’s Ryan Gosling cheering you through your workout:

ryan gosling workout meme


1 minute jump-rope

1 minute high knees

(No rest in-between the jump-rope and high knees exercise) This warm-up is technically a superset

Rest 30 seconds

Repeat 5 times

Round 1 Superset

8-10 Pull-ups (assisted if necessary)

10-12 Bent over Barbell Rows

1 minute rest

Repeat 3-4 times

Round 2 Superset

10-12 Lat Pulldowns

10-12 Reverse Pec Deck Fly

1 minute rest

Repeat 3-4 times

Round 3 Superset

12-15 Hyperextensions

12-15 Lat Pushdown

1 minute rest

Repeat 3-4 times

Round 4 Superset

12-15 Face-pulls

10-12 T-bar Rows Shirt optional* (Considering all the demo videos and pictures I found, you would think it’s a requirement to not wear a shirt while performing a t-bar row, but you do you.)

1 minute rest

Repeat 3-4 times

aaaand BOOM, you’re done! Make sure to stretch out to reduce soreness. Then bask in your beautiful back glow.

Goku- Back

Yoga To Slow Your Roll

Alright 6-week shredders, if you pushed yourself to the max with the first two workouts, you should be in a bit of pain. It’s time to re-center with a yoga workout!

namaste yoga meme

Personally, I’ve tried yoga a couple times and it’s just not my jam. A bunch of hoopla about getting hippie-dipper with the earth mother, right? Wrong! Recently I read this article by Eric Stevens and realized he has an awesome point. I don’t like yoga because it brings out an underdeveloped side of me and I’m naive to dismiss it. I have terrible focus, and flit from one thing to the next with the attention span as long as the flap of a hummingbird’s tiny yet majestic wing. 


 Yoga forces you to be in the present and be aware of your body, your breathing and your thoughts. If you are an advanced yogi you may be reading this and thinking “no $h1t, Sherlock” but I rarely paid attention long enough in a yoga class to come to this conclusion myself until I heard it from someone who was a little more like-minded. Ah, my stubbornness is surely my weakness.

If you’re a beginner like me and are intimidated at the thought of being mocked by “non-judgmental” yogi’s, this video is a great way to get started at home.

If you are still ready to shred after the first two days and want something that will make you sweat, try a hot yoga class. Although hot yoga feels more intense, you probably aren’t burning as many calories as you think are melting right off you in that crazy warm room with a bunch of sweaty strangers while you strike compromising poses. Not to knock the style, but it’s important to be mindful of potential ploys from people who claim to be fitness experts. (But don’t take it from me. I’m not the expert!)

Full Body Circuit – Modified from Men’s Health

So you decided to return after Zuzka’s cardio crazy workout yesterday? You’re either a kindred gym rat or you ran out of cheese balls and are looking for something else to do with your spare time.

You’re in the right place! Welcome to the Day 2 workout of my 6-week shred. Today’s workout is inspired by this Men’s Health fat-blasting workout and it is guaranteed to wear you out!

Warm up like Doge demonstrates below. Jk, but make sure you stretch out any sore muscles to avoid unpleasant crampage later. The DOMS will have you feeling some type of way.

doge on trampoline

Warm up with 3 minutes of jump rope holding your core tight. Activate those abs!

Round One:
> Burpees
> Mountain Climbers
> Pushups
>Rest 1 minute

*Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with 10-15 seconds rest in-between*

Round Two:

>Jump rope for 1 minute
> Walking Lunges with Kettlebell exchange underneath leg
> Lunge Jumps
> Plank to Pushup
>Rest 1 minute

*Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with 10-15 seconds rest in-between*

Round Three:

>Jump rope for 1 minute
> Kettlebell Swing Squats
> TRX Pullups
> Box Jumps
> TRX Jack Knives
>Rest 1 minute

*Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with 10-15 seconds rest in-between*

Time for the Final Four(th) Round! Hang in there, you’re almost done:

> Jump rope for 1 minute
> Side Lunges with dumbbell or kettle bell bell (check this retro tutorial, how bout them spandies?!)
> Tricep Dips
> Donkey kicks (30 seconds each leg)
*Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with 10-15 seconds rest in-between*

If you did the workout at full intensity you should be feeling this meme afterwards.

arnold Schwarzenegger after intense workout

If not… you can’t bench with us. NO, I’m just playing. But you know your body. You know when you to push your body and when your body is failing you so listen to your quivering tired muscles in combination with that beast mode mentality. Don’t cheat yourself out of trying your hardest. The only way to change your body is by challenging it. Push your limits.

Sweat It Out – Fat-Blasting Cardio Sesh for a Bikini Body

Ready to break a sweat with the very first workout of the day? Let’s start the 6-week shred right!

Thanks to Zuzka, you can blast fat while learning a wicked cool Czechoslovakian accent. If you didn’t feel like working out before, you will after you watch Zuzka busting her toned tush. Don’t have a gym membership? That’s not an excuse when you workout with Zuzka! Her workouts are designed with constricted space and limited time in mind so they can be performed at home with minimal equipment.

I warmed up with 3 minutes of jumping rope before jumping into Zuzka’s fat-blasting .

Seeing as I usually spend over an hour in the gym, I decided to pair this fat-blasting cardio workout with a few additional arm exercises as listed below:

-Tricep dips

-Dumbbell curls

-Hammer curls

-Tricep pushdowns

And a brief cool down on the treadmill.

Six Week Shred – Get a Bikini Body by Summer!

So I’m going to Cali in less than 5 weeks and it’s my first time going to the sunny sea-side state. Yes I’m a California virgin.

shocked joey gif

Needless to say, after 7 months of being buried under a blanket of snow, (yay Chicago) I’m pretty pumped to frolic in itty bitty bikinis on the beaches of sunny San Diego. It’s probably going to look like this…

frolicking horse

I’ve taken on a 6-week shred challenge between me and my boyfriend to see who can get in prime beach body shape before our little vacation! I’ve decided to track my workouts right here so you can use them on a rainy day or if you’re looking to switch up your workout plan.

Just to set the stage, I do work out regularly, but usually stick to boring steady state cardio and the same heavy weight lifting exercises which has allowed me to maintain a nice figure. If you are looking to try my 6-week shred, you should already be an intermediate/advanced fitness guru looking to level up your routine! 

Are you ready to push the envelope and really bring out the defined muscle? Stay tuned for a mixture of high-intensity workouts! The 6-week shred workout are going to be a mix of circuit and HIIT style with some slower rest day exercises in-between. The purpose for the hodge-podge of workouts is to collect a huge resource database that we can refer back to. Find what you like and run with it!

If you like a particular style, use the resources provided to remodel your own 6-weeks shred or stick with me to keep things interesting by constantly challenging your body. I’m drawing inspiration from Zuzka Light and other high-intensity circuit workouts that I find online. If you know of a killer workout I should try, message me so I can test out if it’s an ab-ripping, noteworthy, bikini body workout that I should include in my 6-week shred routine.

Probably gonna try and spice things up with this fun treadmill workout! treadmill dance gif

Check back for daily workouts or sign-up for my blog e-mail alerts to stay up-to-date with the workout of the day! Is anyone else doing a beach body prep? Share your tips and tricks so we can all own the beach this season like the gorgeous kahleesies that we are.

badass kahleesi