Just a 20-something girl, living in Chicago, trying to find fitness in this fast-paced, low-income lifestyle. Here are 10 fun facts about me!

gym rat

You are what you eat! So I’m obviously fruity and sweet, duh.

  1. I am not certified as a personal trainer or nutritionist, I just have a passion for fitness!
  2. I’ve competed in ONE (so far) natural body building competition in the bikini division and won 2nd place
  3. I’m currently performing a six-week shred, featuring a mash-up of fat-torching HIIT workouts. Beach body here I come!
  4. My dream job would be a professional puppy playmate. Someone just give me $100 to play with your puppies. I fostered an adorable pomeranian named Duncan before moving to an apartment that doesn’t allow dogs 😥 cute pomeranianDuncan>>>
  5. My hobbies other than working out include beach volleyball, reading, playing piano, experimenting with photography and graphics, and learning to sew.
  6. Cheese head through-and-through, I bleed green and gold #packnation
  7. Second oldest of four girls
  8. My favorite supplement products: Quest Bars (the cookie dough flavor) and Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein in any flavor
  9. My Favorite Power Workout Song: Heart of a Champion by Nelly
  10. I just like to lift! Lifting is my favorite

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