Abs & Glutes – All About that Bass Circuit

Day 5 in the 6-week shred is all about strengthening the glutes and core. I did this workout on a Friday night and was pretty eager to get my weekend started so I cranked out this core and bun tightening session in less than 30 minutes. You’ll be feeling it in your abs for the next few days, including every time you laugh, cough or sneeze.

on fridays we flex

Here we go!

Start off with a 3 minute warm-up steady state cardio of your choice . I chose to jump rope.

You’re going to need a few equipment pieces for this circuit including a kettle bell, a bosu ball trainer, and an ab wheel.

Perform the following exercise with no rest in-between:

Jump rope 1 minute

Spider push-ups on bosu trainer -10 reps each side 

Mountain climbers balancing on bosu 30-60 seconds (however long you can maintain proper form)

Walking lunges passing kettle bell in between your legs each step – 15 lunges each leg

Kettle bell squat swings 12-15 reps

Ab wheel roll-outs 10-15 reps

Rest 1 minute

Repeat cycle 4-6 times depending on fitness level.

Once you’ve finished the final set and stretched out, you can go home and rest or turn-up if it’s the weekend! Go get protein shake wasted. You earned it!

tired puppy


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