Six Week Shred – Get a Bikini Body by Summer!

So I’m going to Cali in less than 5 weeks and it’s my first time going to the sunny sea-side state. Yes I’m a California virgin.

shocked joey gif

Needless to say, after 7 months of being buried under a blanket of snow, (yay Chicago) I’m pretty pumped to frolic in itty bitty bikinis on the beaches of sunny San Diego. It’s probably going to look like this…

frolicking horse

I’ve taken on a 6-week shred challenge between me and my boyfriend to see who can get in prime beach body shape before our little vacation! I’ve decided to track my workouts right here so you can use them on a rainy day or if you’re looking to switch up your workout plan.

Just to set the stage, I do work out regularly, but usually stick to boring steady state cardio and the same heavy weight lifting exercises which has allowed me to maintain a nice figure. If you are looking to try my 6-week shred, you should already be an intermediate/advanced fitness guru looking to level up your routine! 

Are you ready to push the envelope and really bring out the defined muscle? Stay tuned for a mixture of high-intensity workouts! The 6-week shred workout are going to be a mix of circuit and HIIT style with some slower rest day exercises in-between. The purpose for the hodge-podge of workouts is to collect a huge resource database that we can refer back to. Find what you like and run with it!

If you like a particular style, use the resources provided to remodel your own 6-weeks shred or stick with me to keep things interesting by constantly challenging your body. I’m drawing inspiration from Zuzka Light and other high-intensity circuit workouts that I find online. If you know of a killer workout I should try, message me so I can test out if it’s an ab-ripping, noteworthy, bikini body workout that I should include in my 6-week shred routine.

Probably gonna try and spice things up with this fun treadmill workout! treadmill dance gif

Check back for daily workouts or sign-up for my blog e-mail alerts to stay up-to-date with the workout of the day! Is anyone else doing a beach body prep? Share your tips and tricks so we can all own the beach this season like the gorgeous kahleesies that we are.

badass kahleesi


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