Bro-tein: My Top Gym+YouTube Picks

YouTube and gym videos go together like peanut butter and protein shakes. Bro’s love sharing their swol secrets and pumping out PR’s for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s a few gems I’ve stumbled upon and decided to share for your weekly serving of bro-tein starting with this  commercial from Oscar Mayer: It’s funny because it’s true.

I also found this Gym Stereotypes video by Dude Perfect several months ago, and although they left out a couple stereotypes like cardio bunnies, cross fit crazies, correct form guy and the fad diet dude, these are pretty on point too-  

Are you guilty of being one of these guys? I’d probably be the weird pickle dude in the corner. Kidding! I’m the girl with DLB legs weary wacky printed pants.

Last but not least is my favorite channel featuring the Brofessor who puts out videos on a pretty regular basis.  Watch at your own risk! The power of protein, you WILL succumb to the Bro bible. #repsforJesus

Do you have a YouTube celeb that you watch religiously? Give ’em a shout out so I can dig it.  Thanks!



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