You Might Be A Gym Rat If…

  1. You plan your day around your workout schedule


2. Your weekends involve getting “protein shake wasted.”


3. You speak fluent gym bro-slang with phrases such as “Check out my gains,” “You mirin’?” and “Do you even lift?”


4. You watch Bro Science on Youtube. Religiously. #repsforJesus

5. When your power jam comes on just in time for your last set you do this:


6. Even on days when you don’t go to the gym. you still workout at home:


7. You ask the hottest guy in the gym to show you how to do an exercise and then silently critique his form like the scene in Mean Girls when Lindsay Lohan asks Aaron for help. “Wrong. He was so wrong.”

9. You know all the gym regulars, and are alarmed when new gym rats start using your equipment. This gym’s not big enough for the two of us. Total turf war.


10. But then she compliments you on your form and you decide to be lifting buddies like:


11. Getting home from leg day feels like this:


12. And the day after leg day usually feels like this:

13. But thanks to all those squat and lunges you find yourself checking out your own butt. Frequently.



12, Because you’re a gym rat and you workout


I have a feeling this might turn into multiple posts so let’s just consider this part I


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