Hakuna Masquata- It Means Nice Booty

First of all, how awesome is this shirt from Look Human?

hakuna masquata shirt

The answer: So awesome, I had to make a booty-based workout that will set the proper mood to rock your booty-tude in this shirt.

This circuit leg workout was designed by yours truly because I care about your booties, description below. What’s your favorite workout style? Cardio? Circuit? Heavy weights?

24 alternating jumping lunges -12 for each leg
10-12 stiff-leg deadlifts (you should feel a stretch in your hamstring if your form is correct)
10-12 bent rows (I used about 40 lbs on my barbell)
10-12 stiff-leg deadlifts
10-12 bent rows
12-14 squats (like your sitting back in a chair, keep your knees behind your toes)
12 walking lunges 6 on each leg
12-14 squats
Finish strong with 12 more walking lunges, 6 on each side!
Repeat the entire circuit 4-6 more times through.


2 thoughts on “Hakuna Masquata- It Means Nice Booty

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