Glitter & Glow – Guide to Choosing a Competition Suit

So you’re thinking about competing in a bodybuilding competition? Well you don’t have to be committed to competing to look at the glamour and glitz that is your potential competition costume…

Whether you’re looking to buy or just exercising your eyes here’s some of my favorite sites to browse for competition suits!

I love! I wore the glitter suit “nearly naked” for my first bikini competition


My bikini is a “glitter bikini” but you’ll also come across some other materials such as

  • Hologram– which is the super shiny looking material
  • Sequin- hopefully you know what a sequin is
  • Glitter- COVERED in tiny sparkles
  • & many more!

You can usually customize your suit with blinged out connectors (straps) or tone it down so the focus is on your toned physique.

I also like to browse Suits You Swimwear & Sweet Revenge Bikinis (make sure you check the “Specialty Bikinis” tab for competition specific suits)

There are also many sites like this one, Ravish Sands, that have some more affordable options and will work with you to customize your suit.

You do want to keep in mind whether you’ll be about 50 shades of spray tan darker, and if the suit will complement your complexion and physique.

Do you have any favorite sites you like to browse for glitzy competition suits? PLEASE share if you do!


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