Post Halloween Costume Smackdown

Did you guys have a good Halloween?

What was the best costume you saw? I know the fun times for dressing up like someone or something you will never actually get to be in real life has come and passed, but here’s some fitness-related costumes to get jacked about for next year.

0489701DFA50865EAC296779651FA4A9_486w Richard Simmons- reach for those toes!

Pic source


Arnold Schwarzenegger (muscles not included) said in thick Austrian accent.

Pic source


 Jane Fonda (rock that camel toe!)

Pic source


Dana Linn Bailey (draw a six pack on your stomach using sharpie, make this face and flex a lot)

Pic source

Unknown-2Gym rat- wear a mouse mask and mouse ears while carrying around 5 lb dumbbells all night

Pic source


Gym bro- wear a tiny tank that shoes off your muscles and tell everyone you’re getting protein shake wasted and asking “Do you even lift, bro?”

Pic source

Do you have any other gym related costume ideas?


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