High Fibe(r) Friday

Sup my fit friends? Let’s talk about this: Eating Clean vs. IIFYM (If it fits your macros)

I was watching this video by BioLayne

Personally, I choose to eat clean more often over the IIFYM lifestyle while allowing myself cheat meals occasionally throughout the week because that allows me to minimize my cravings without setting myself up for failure. One thing Layne noticeably emphasizes throughout his video is the importance of fiber, which I believe is highly overlooked while dieting.

I would agree that I tend to focus so much on calories and carbs that I let the importance of other vital nutrients like fiber and healthy fats fall to the wayside. Sometimes people confuse the low carb diet which allows them to eat a higher amount of fats (like avocado, fish and peanut butter) as an excuse to eat bad fats (like the fat found in ice cream, cookies, doughnuts), which is the opposite of what we should be paying attention to!

So here’s a helpful list of 16 high-fiber foods from Huffington Post Healthy Living! Do you consume any of these high-fiber foods daily?

P.S. for my fellow pumpkin lovers-Pumpkin seeds are supposed to be pretty high in fiber according to Health-aliscious-ness and you can cross-check your fibrous foods with this list compiled by Health.com.

Eat Clean, Train Dirty!


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