Take your passion, and make it happen

So this isn’t entirely fitness related but, I’ll have a new blog post up soon regarding metabolic damage and repair shortly! I just need to pour my little heart out for a second here…

1! I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree back in May 🙂


Recent Grads! Me and my boyfriend photographed in June. This picture captures our relationship pretty perfectly.

2! It’s not easy to find a job as a journalist in a competitive industry with a limited job market 😦

3! I’m thrilled to have gotten a part-time position at Gold’s Gym in a much larger city than my university location 🙂

4! I am still looking for a position in the career field of my degree, but I’m really looking forward to spending a lot of time in the environment that motivates me to constantly improve and strive to better myself with physical and mental challenges that transfer to character building in the real world 🙂

5! I’ve been pretty discouraged by the rejection that comes along with hundreds, HUNDREDS (no exaggeration) of unanswered applications, but I’m not a quitter by any means and I’m still keeping at it. Just gotta keep banging until that door of opportunity opens up 😦

6! I’ve been surrounded by some super stressful and straining situations, like my boyfriend’s dad was just diagnosed with terminal cancer, and I was also really affected when I heard about the death of actor Cory Monteith,


photo credit (perezhilton.com)

because he was such a kind relatable character and I’m the biggest GLEEK that I know. Anyhow, these recent incidents have really woken me up to the blessings in my life and I hope to actively inspire others more directly. I’m hoping to get involved at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club to teach healthy habits and positive body love for all body types!

Where my Glee fans at? What do you guys like to do to give back to your community and make the world a better place?

I leave you with a few words from a humble young artist,  “I want to get married and have children and live happily ever after. That’s important to me.” -Cory Monteith

Chase your happily ever after.


One thought on “Take your passion, and make it happen

  1. What a beautiful quote. It pains me every time I’m reminded of his passing, but he would love all of the good will that has come from him living a kind life.

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