Gym Rat Fishness

Fish stink. Literally. Personally, I don’t like them unless they have been fried or can be dipped in a cocktail sauce. However, we have to face the fishy facts.

  • Fish are super high in protein, low in carbs and are extremely soluble- meaning digestion friendly. They aid in lowering blood pressure, reducing risks of heart attacks and strokes, prevent joint inflammation, and give you a big sexy brain! I’m kind of kidding about the brain, but they do have beneficial brain functions and may decrease risk of Alzheimer’s, ADHD, dementia and depression!
  • What? Seafood can turn my fishy frown upside down? If you don’t believe me, take it from Big Mouth Billy Bass 

I decided that fish might be a more appealing entree if I had the pride of catching one myself (I have only ever caught one fish in my life and it was a baby bluegill about 7 years ago) So we dusted off the fishing rods, gathered up our gear and set off on a Gym Rat vs. THE WILD FISH adventure.

bait image-27 image-28 image-29

I did consider photoshopping a fish into one of the pictures, but needless to say our fishy friends were very elusive and not only did we not catch ANY fish, but we also managed to lose two little fake minnow fishing lures. Le sigh. I returned home and dug some frozen salmon out of the freezer and prepared a tasty (unfishy) dish by seasoning my salmon to perfection after marinating it in lemon juice and a touch of olive oil and some low sodium Mrs. Dash! Excellent. We threw in some extra herbs after it was cooked to additionally mask the fishy flavor while still reaping the health benefits. Voila!  image-30 image-32image-31

For more great tasting seafood recipes check out these ones by Cooking Light! Are you guys skilled fishermen or fisherwomen? What’s your favorite sassy seafood dish? Share some of your magical fish tricks with me in the comment section!


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