Healthy Grocery Guide – Lettuce Feed You

There is an ongoing argument about whether eating healthy is actually more or less expensive than packing up your junk in the trunk after a visit to the grocery store. As a college student, I feel the penny pinching pain and built a basic body building grocery list to trim fat and cut back on the grocery bill.

You are what you eat! So I'm obviously fruity and sweet, duh.

You are what you eat! So I’m obviously fruity and sweet, duh.

Healthy Carbs: Fruits like apples and bananas, sweet potatoes, whole grain items including breads, pastas, and tortillas, oatmeal and granola, brown rice, veggies (if you’re worried about your veggies going bad like me, buy them frozen! $0.98 for a bag that steams in the microwave) Sidenote: Your rich green and brown carbs, like spinach and black beans, are packed with fiber which aids your body in digestion!


Healthy Fats: Natural peanut butter, avocados, olive oil, nuts, soy or almond milk

Protein: Lean ground turkey or lean beef, chicken breast, lean steak, tilapia, salmon, shrimp, tuna (canned or frozen), egg(white)s, low-fat cottage cheese, greek yogurt, whey protein powder

Things to avoid! Processed foods like chips, ice cream, cookies, sugary cereals, snacks that claim to be low-fat or fat-free, juice like Sunny-Death, calorie packed dressings…but don’t toss your salad just yet because there are special products produced by companies like Walden Farms  that make CALORIE FREE dressings and toppings so you can savor the sauces that spice up your life.

Vanna White models a safe dressing by Walden Farms to add some flavor to your life.

My Vanna White wanna-be, models a safe dressing by Walden Farms to add some flavor to your bland brands of lettuce .

Another excellent source for fit food recipes and advice is Savannah Neoux, who runs her own fitness blog Muffin Top-Less. Savannah is a recent college grad who dealt with the ups and downs of diet and weight-change while adjusting to the college lifestyle and has grown up around the influence of fitness models.(Her father has been a longtime photographer for Iron Man Magazine).

For more information on good groceries, check out my favorite fitness role model, Jamie Eason’s visit to the grocery store:

What kind of groceries make it into your cut and jacked grocery sacks?


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