Happy Valenwines Day!

Apparently today was some sort of day for lovers or something. I personally used it as an excuse to get myself roommates some wine, because flowers just rot and die so let’s be honest. Wine is waaaaay better. 


I hope everyone made it to their Valentine’s Day date with Gym. Image

Me and Gym personally got quite hot and sweaty (if you know what I mean). Just did some cardio and dropped it like it was hot in the squat rack because booty. End of discussion.

This post has a purpose I swear. I know we are all crazy busy people and we sometimes skip meals or eat fast food because it’s easy or convenient. In attempting to be healthy we might grab a “nutrition” bar because it must be “nutritious” for us because the label says so. PAUSE. Read the first 5 out of the fifty ingredients listed. Polyrexidose and succharides and red dye no. 4 are not health foods! I made up those first two ingredient words, but they list some similar unpronounceable ingredients that are just chemicals. Healthy and chemicals don’t mix. Your body is not a science experiment.

So you want a truly natural, tasty and good for you nutrition bar? Why not give Quest Bars a try? The greatest invention since dinosaurs, Quest Bars are made up of very few, all natural and great tasting ingredients. It’s a win, win, win, win situation! Instead of giving your Valentine the gift of diabetes this holiday, I recommend giving them a treat to tremble their taste-buds. (Not the wine, the Quest Bar.)

I personally spent my time entering the #OnaQuest competition with this picture: Image

Hope I win 2 boxes of Quest Bars! Because unfortunately healthy isn’t always cheap, although I try to keep my recommendations affordable for all budgets. You can find these tasty little buggers in about 7 different flavors for approximately $2.30. (Can’t go wrong with the chocolate brownie one- my fav) They are located at your local GNC store. However, some more reasonable prices for these precious dessert bars can be found at several on-line store sites, and more likely nutrition stores in the area that are individually owned tend to offer BETTER prices than GNC. My go-to in the local Oshkosh area is the Nutrition Supply Company. The store owners know where to get the goods, energy bar goods that is!

So happy Valentine’s Day to all my lovers! And to my single ladies, SELF Magazine told me you stay skinnier than married women so embrace the SINGLE life, and your thinness with some thin mints! Go ahead and treat yourself to rocky road ice cream and a chick flick today because men just add stress, make more mess and drive us to eat comfort foods which means more LBS which in turn, means not looking as lovely in the LBD!


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